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Winpe Rescue


Welcome to the Winpe Rescue!

Here are all the guides grouped, FAQ and instructions on Winpe Rescue and its use. This page will evolve as needed, so feel free to send us back your comments.


Discover the key Winpe tools available

File Explorer

Freecommander :

Password manager

Password :

Antivirus Backup

Antivirus :

Server Tools

ActivNIC :

SRVFirewall :

Microsoft System Tools

Sysinternal Tools :

DOS-command line :

Virtual Drive

Virtual CD :

Internet Browser

Web Browser :

Disk Utility

Testdisk :

Diskpart :

Bootsect :

The Guides

Mount an ISO in winpe:

Edit the registry of a Windows Server OFFLINE:


Raid soft 1 HS - What to do: (coming soon)