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Webmin User Guide


Webmin is an interface that allows to manage your Unix/Linux from a web browser. Webmin allows you for exemple to manage your user accounts, Apache, DNS, samba ... from a unique interface.

Webmin is made of a simple web server, and some cgi program which update directly your configuration files.

Webmin supports an impressive collection of unices languages.

Everything is carried out from a very easy web interface to use. All tasks realised with webmin can also be done with telnet.

To access to webmin, your web browser must point on: http://ip-your-server:10000 Then, the login is "root" and the password is the one you received at the time of the server delivery.

Be careful when you enter your login and password with small capital letters and the following character 0 and O, I, l and 1 ...

Note for OVHm users: warning when you modify Apache or Bind parameters, the modifications aren't necessary saved and seen by OVHm, for example don't create new hosting if you want then to be visible in OVHm.

Parametrage Serveur Webmin

Display of system index

  • users and groups icon

Creation of an user (who will help to transfer files by FTP, and to create the web site): the "users and groups" icon in the system index is a programm that allows to configure the different programs running on your server.
    • Users and Groups
    • Create an user


  • Disks Quotas Icon

    • Disk Quotas
    • User Quotas
    • Edit Quota


Display of servers index

  • Apache web server Icon

Files management
The Apache configuration is reachable from "Server" index of webmin.

    • Apache web server
    • Create a new virtual server
    • Options of virtual server
    • Addresses and Network
    • Indexation of directory


  • Bind dns server Icon

The configuration of web server being now finished, we are going to deal with the DNS server" Domain Name Server BIND 8". The DNS is the protocol which allows to find the Ip address of hostname (for example: We succeed to find a web server on the Internet thanks to this protocol. It's surely the most complex thing to configure on your server. An error of configuration isn't visible in the first time due to a lot of caches in the different ISP(Internet Service Provider).

  • Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Create a primary zone
  • Edit a primary zone
  • Records Address Server
  • Records Mail eXchange Server
  • Name of records server
  • Application of all changes


Display of OVHm index

OVHm is a module which enables to configure different services which are running on your server. UtilisationManualOvhm

Display of others index


  • Files management Icon

Now, it's necessary to correct the rights of a created directory. We will therefore be able to discover the files management proposed by webmin (Warning an error can quickly occur, be very careful with the handling). Files management is in the "Others" step of webmin. It will be necessary that the java option is activated into your web browser.

    • Files managment
    • Information Button
    • rights changement

Hosts Management

You host your domain ( by using in primary dns: and in secondary dns and you want to host a new domain ( by using new primary and secondary dns on the same servers than your domain ( The hosts allow you to customise the new names for your dns ( and for example).

      • Domain in OVH
      • Domain pointing on SD of host

The first step:

Specify the host on your dedicated server, click on the A icon. For example: then the Ip address of your SD, you can do the same manipulation to modify the ( warning the Ip address will be

The second step:

Go through the manager (dedicated server) Section: dedicated server - host, example: the Ip of your SD, you can carry out the same manipulation to modfy the ( warning the Ip address will be

  • Configuration of a .fr domain on your dedicated server

Configure your domain name on your dedicated server.
See section: Domain name server (DNS) BIND 8

Ask for your secondary DNS on:

Check your configuration on:

Configuration Ok, use your manager:

Thanks to the information, we will change DNS with AFNIC.

Warning! We can't do modifications with AFNIC if the configuration isn't correct.