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Bind Server

The configuration of web server being finished, we are going to deal with the dns server (Domain Name Server BIND 8). The DNS protocol allows to find the Ip address of a hostname (For example: We manage to find that way a web server on the Internet. For sure, it's the most difficult thing to set up on your server. A configuration error is not visible immediately due to a lot of caches hosted by ISP.

  • Click on "servers" index
  • Click on the logo "Bind DNS Server"

Create master zone

We choose to create a new master zone, as your server will be used as a primary dns server

Edit a master zone

We reach the following page, which displays the different types of possible records.

Records Address

First, we are going to use the "address" section to define all the names such as or

The minimal configuration would be as follows:
warning! do not forget the "." at the end of each name

Mail server record

We add a "mail server". This record indicates which server manages the domain mails that we are setting.

Server name records

The secondary dns server must also be indicated (server name section). At the same time, you must indicate the domain name to add on our secondary dns server You must use the following form: DNS change.

Apply all the modifications

Now, you must reboot the dns server (bind) in order the modifications to be taken into account. Click on "apply changes" in the main configuration page of dns server.

hosts management

You host your domain by using in primary dns: and in secondary dns: and you want to host a new domain by using new primary dns and secondary dns on the same server that The hosts allow you to personalize new names for your dns ( and for example)


  • Domain at OVH
  • Domain pointing on DS of host

The first step:

Define the host on your dedicated server, click on A icon. Example: then the Ip of your DS, you can do the same manipulation to modify the ( warning! the Ip will be