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Apache server

Files manager

The apache configuration is accessible from the "Server" Index of webmin.

  • Click on "servers" Index
  • Click on the logo: "Apache webserver"

Once you have clicked on the "Apache webserver" icon, the following screen appears:

Create a new virtual server

At the bottom of the page, you will find a form, which allows to create a new web server (or virtual server). So we indicate the domain to use and the directory of the user.

The new virtual server must appear in the list after validation. Click on this virtual server to modify some parameters.

Virtual server options

To display/modify the option of a virtual server, you must click on the "virtual server" link.

Addresses and network

In "Addresses and network", we can specify the aliases of domain name ("alternate virtual server names"). We can also indicate the email address of the administrator of this web site.

Directory indexation

The "directory indexation" section allows, if necessary, to add files, which will be by default (here in this example we have: index.php and index.php3)