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Web logs

The activity in your site is registered in our servers as logs. Each request, each visit, any call to an element of your site is registered. You have the possibility to recover these logs in our logs server. For the site, the access URL is

To access this folder, you have to enter your nichandle and your password. It can be any of your identifiers: NIC Admin, NIC Tech or NIC Billing.

The statistics viewers of logs

To see your logs, OVH puts in place 2 statistics viewers of logs:

  • Awstats :: for the daily statistics based on Awstats
  • Urchin :: For statistics base on the software Urchin

Furthermore, thanks to ORT, you have the possibility to view the logs right after having visited your site. This allows you to view your statistics and diagnose any problem in your site quickly.

The logs in the ORT sections are "downloaded" in your monthly folder the day after.

Access management

Firstly, only the NIC Owner, Admin, Tech or Billing linked to the hosting have access to the statistics. But at any time, you can add/modify/delete other nics through ManagerV3.