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Sql Privé


Description Sql private service has been designed for customers with specific needs or important for their databases. You have a SQL server that is reserved for you and is administered by OVH.
br> This service is for customers:
  • Needing large databases
  • Wishing to have more control of their entire database
  • Needing SQL account with advanced privileges
  • Needing a particular server configuration
  • Wishing administer a SQL server without administer a physical server
Purpose of this guide
This guide shows you how to create and use your SQL Private server.


Order Sql Private Server

To order your SQL Private server, go to your Manager V3 on: If you do not have a SQL Private server, the control unit should appear automatically. Otherwise click "Add" to enter.

Choose your billing period and the server version for you. Read the contract and check the box "I have read and agree to the contracts," then click "OK" The system will then generate you an order:

Click on the link and make your payment. Once payment is confirmed (after receipt for payments by mail, or validation of the bank for online payments), your server will be installed and fully operational within 30 minutes. You will then receive an email providing you with all the information.


Mail d'installation

When your sqlprive is active you will receive an email :
Message from 13/05/09 at 19:05
Copy to:
Subject: Private Sql Server installed
OVH - 2 rue Kellermann
BP 80157
59100 Roubaix


Your Sql Server Private sqlprive-XXXX has been installed.

The IP address of your server is: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Now you can go to your manager
add to databases and / or users
on your new SQL server.

To do this, visit:

Once your databases and / or your users created you can use the following tools to administer: - PhpMyAdmin? to manage your databases: -(Use the IP address as the server name to connect)) - a gateway for FTP file or retrieve files or check your logs on: Your FTP codes: server: XXXXX.sqlprive Login: sqlprive-XXXX password: XXXXXXX

Creation of a database

No default database is created on your server. To create a database you simply go to your Manager V4 . Once logged in, click on "Management", then "edit":

On the next page, in the box "creation," Enter the name of the database you want to create. Then, select the "Create a user for this database" and enter the password of your choice:

  • The user created has the same name as the database
  • Be careful not to choose a password too simple password to adequately protect access to your database

Finally, start creating your database by clicking on: . The database is immediately functional.

Mise en oeuvre de la base de données

Implementation of the database To use your database, you must fill in your script or your CMS (Joomla, Dotclear, etc ...) a certain number of parameters:

  • Host Name / Hostname / Server Name: This is the IP address provided in the email setup
  • Name Base / Base / Database: This is the name that you chose when creating your database
  • Password / Password: the password you chose when creating your database
  • Username / Login / User Name: same as the database name

Example for installing the CMS dotclear: