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How does Real Multimedia work ?

A 90,240,720,media, or xxl Plan is necessary to be able to run Real Multimedia on your website.

This activation can be done via your manager :

Go to your Manager
Next go to the WebHosting section and then Real Multimedia
Activate Real

You will then receive by e-mail (your admin nic handle e-mail) the connection parameters to setup your .rm or .ra files.

No activation is necessary since the web server is the same as the Real server, and the data is directly put on the FTP webspace.

Streaming a Real Audio File
Streaming Real Audio can only be done with Real Media software.

For the 90, 240, 720 and xxl Plans
The .ra and .rm files must be placed on the real server (cf mail installation).
You can create a .ram file in your webspace (/www) by adding the following line:
pnm(or rtsp)://audio.your-domain.tld/login/exemple.ra

The .ram file can be accessed via:

The MediaPlan
In your webspace (/www) you can place the .ra or .rm and also create the .ram file by adding the following line:
pnm(or rtsp)://www.your-domain.tld/exemple.ra

The .ram file can be accessed via:

Can I stream multimedia live ?
No, we do not offer this service.