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Transmission procedure of a .fr domain

In which cases do you launch a transmission on a .fr?

You may launch a transmission of .fr domain in the following cases:

  • The company, which is the owner domain, has merged with another company
  • The company, which is the owner domain, has been bought back
  • The company, that is the owner domain, doesn't exist any more
  • The brand, that has been used for the domain registration, has been surrendered (mainly domain)
  • Or you just want to change the owner.

Obligations to respect:

  • The registration / brand number of the current owner is different from the registration / brand number of the new one.
  • If it's a, you must specify the brand number on the transmission form in the Identification field.


A domain transmission is charged by Afnic. The service cost is €20 +VAT (about £15). The order for this procedure is raised by OVH. You must provide us:

- The new owner NIC Handle,
- The Admin, technical and billing nic,
- The DNS servers that you want,
- The registration nr of the new owner (if it's a company),
- The date, town and French dép. number of birth or country of birth if not born in France of the new owner (if the new one is an individual).

Once my order is paid:

Once your payment has been processed, Afnic will contact the previous owner and the new one by email in order to request for their acknowledgement for the owner change. The contacts have then 8 days to answer.

Documents to provide:

If at least one of the contacts doesn't answer within 8 days, OVH will send you next an email to continue the procedure by fax.

Then, please provide the following documents to us:

=> The transmission request, which has to be signed by the previous and the new owner.

These documents must be sent to OVH by fax to +

You will be able to get this document by requesting it from the support.

In which case the transmission is not useful?

The domain transmission is not useful is:

You have changed the company name related to your Registration number
You want to change information of the Admin contact in the whois
You want to change the owner address

For these 3 requests, you just need to send an email to the support and specify the fields that need to be modified in the Afnic whois.