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How ftp works (File Transfert Protocol) ?

How to transfer files via FTP ?

The transfer principle is simple : upload ( from your computer to a server) or download (from the server to your computer). In either case, 2 modes of transfer exist : transfer mode in binary, or transfer mode in text mode (also known as ASCII mode)

What is the difference?
This is simply the translation or name of the format between the users computer and the server.

If you have text on a mac and you decide to copy it directly to a unix machine in binary mode, this will create an exact replicate. This text will not be compatible with the unix system. If you wish to transfer data from a PC to a mac server or a windows operating system to unix, this will be the same. In order for the text to be compatible, you will need to transfer it in text mode, this will automatically change the text mode.

In binary (precompiled applications), this translation is not necessary.
The scripts (Perl, php, etc.) are in text format, and therefore need to be transferred in text format.

In most client FTP programmes, the default transfer mode is set by the user's preferences. Most of the time, these preferences are set automatically - in other words the application decides for itself which format to use for the transfer (binary or text). This automatic choice is sometimes wrong, specially with perl applications which the ftp client considers to be a "binary program" (which are therefore transferred in binary) although they should be transferred in text mode.

In order to put your site online, please have a look at the following guide: PuttingYourSiteOnline
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data socket error : connection refused

You tried to connect to the server and you received the following error:
data socket error : connection refused or a refused connexion. This is due to the fact that you are using a router or a gateway. This this case, you will need to use the options of your ftp client called passive off. The connexion should then work without any errors.

error 530: Login incorrect

Your user name and password are not correct. Please check these by respecting the case (A different to a) of your login and password and that you have not selected anonymous in the configuration of your ftp application.

If this does not resolve your connection problem, please check in your manager and try changing your FTP password as explained in the LostFTPPassowrd guide.