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Modifications and orders for domain changes

For any modification about the information of a .fr or .be domain indicated in the whois of or, or if you wish to unlock your domain, which is in redemption period at OVH or somewhere else, you must contact the customer support by mail.

You may contact our customer support via the Manager,'My services' section, , 'Contact our support' . Please have your information as shown below ready, that way the support will be able to deal with your request quicker.

Information to has to be changed

Please create a NIC handle, which will contain the new information that you want to give. Give this NIC Handle to the support and specify the domain name, and its primary and secondary DNS. If necessary, the support will send you an order.

Price list of the different operations

  • Transmission of a .fr domain:
    £14.99 +VAT
You may consult here the procedure TransmissionFRDomain.

  • Trade of a .be domain:
    £5.49 +VAT
A trade may include the owner and registrar change. You may then carry out a trade and a transfer at the same time.

  • End of quarantine period of a .be at OVH:
    £15.99 +VAT
End of quarantine and 12 month renewal included.

  • End of quarantine period of a .be at another registrar:
    £37.49 +VAT
End of quarantine, 12 month renewal and domain trade/transfer included.

  • End of redemption of other domains at OVH:
    £109.99 +VAT
End of redemption and 12 month renewal included