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An email is an electronic message sent from a computer to another one. You can therefore receive simple messages in which files such as pictures, documents or IT programs may be attached. An email transit from a computer called mail server to another one through an Internet network. Once the message has reached the mail server, it is stored in an electronic box until the receiver gets it. This process takes only few seconds. To receive your message, you have to create an account on your mail server (i.e.: One of the advantages of an email is to be able to check them from anywhere. You just have to connect to the server and to get your mails.

You may use webmail via: http://ip.from.your.server/cgi-bin/sqwebmail

You may as well recover your mails by using pop or imap (login is: or for incompatible software Eudora may cause problems and wait for a login as: Once you have consulted your mails by using pop, you can send emails by using smtp server installed on your server (for 3 hours, next you will have to identify by using pop).

Reminder: from domain installation with OVHm module, it create a POP account by default: "postmaster@your_domain.tld"

o consult, send & receive my emails with sqwebmail

  • Click on OVHm => Ovh Virtual Hosting Management => webmail or on the logo

  • To login:

User id:

(Pop account created by default when installing domain with OVHm module)

Password: xxxxxx

(Password assigned to pop account, defined when installing domain)

  • Click on login

  • You can now consult, send and receive your mail through this interface.