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How to reset your server up

This manual shows you the method to follow to reset your dedicated server up. It concerns all OS.

To reset your machine up:

  • Then click on your dedicated server in the left menu.

  • Click on 'Services' in 'Access to sections', then 'Reinstall the server' in 'Reinstallation' section.

  • Once on this page:

Select in each menu, the option corresponding to your need. If you don't find what you need, you may not have the corresponding licences. Contact then our support at in order to get more details.

  • Select then the type of disk partitioning:

By default, it is seriously recommended to select the disk partitioning by default. However, if you want to customize it, the following screens are as follows:

Once the disk partitonning is created, you should get the following configuration:

  • Next, the resetup will start. You will be able to follow the progress of the procedure on your screen.

Once the resetup will be done, a message will display: ' 'Congratulations, you have just reset your server up. You will receive your setting access code at the following address: address@domain.tld"'