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Personalisation of reverse

The translation of an IP address into a domain name is a reverse action to the standard function of a DNS. For example, a name that is visible in the email header sent from the server will be replaced by a chosen name instead of

If you perform a traceroute or ping to your server, you automatically recalculate the reverse in relation to IP.
For example:
Insert IP of your dedicated server and follow the traceroute:

1 ( AS12322 1 ms 1 ms 0 ms
2 ( AS12322 69 ms 1 ms 1 ms
3 ( AS16276 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
4 ( AS16276 1 ms 14 ms 1 ms
5 ( AS16276 1 ms 1 ms 2 ms

OVH offers personalised reverse: you may change to another name, you may also change the PTR field of your IP. IN PTR

Attention: A dot at the end of the line is a must.

Reverse is also used to prevent spamming.
In order to avoid all the problems with rejecting email messages, we demand that the name provided by you really exists and points to your server's IP. It will allow our servers to make the following verification:
connection, which responds points to IP = (chain is deleted)

You need to create A field that points to IP of your dedicated server. IN A IN PTR


First, create A field for your future server name. IN A

Server name must be valid:
- it cannot start or finish with a dash (-)
- it must contain only letters and numbers
- it cannot be longer than 80 characters
- it cannot contain capital letters

Next, restart DNS server to send out this information in the Internet. Don't forget to increase the serial number of your zone. It may take from 10 minutes to 48 hours.
Then log into Manager v3.
Choose dedicated server from the menu on the left. Click "Services" and next "Reverse" . Change your new reverse. It will be taken into account in 2-10 minutes.

Attention: there is limited number of changes of reverse zone to 100 a day. Please take in into consideration while creating a reverse.