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Ovhm - Add a sub-domain on your dedicated server


This guide is for the OVHm users, who would like to install quickly a sub-domain on their dedicated server. For non OVHm users or for distributions where OVHm is not available, this other guide describes the procedure in a less automate way: SubDomainInstallOnDedicated.

On a dedicated server, you may obviously add sub domains, which will be visible via web. A sub-domain is a domain within your current domain. For example: Each sub-domain point to a different directory of your account.


1. Click ‘OVHM managed domains list

2. Click on the link corresponding to the domain

3. Enter the name o the sub-domain, then click on ‘Add

Important if you wish to have ‘www’ with your sub-domain, you have to declare as shown in the example in part 3: www.subdomain instead of subdomain.