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How to place an order in OVH?

Ordering an OVH Service

To make an order you must complete 6 steps.

Step 1: Choose a domain name

On our homepage type in the domain name you would like to have associated with an offer and then click on Search. You will then see the domain or domain names which you have selected and these following options:

- Domain registered at OVH
- Domain Available
- Domain Transferable, after owner's consent.

You can then add and choose other domains while you are still on Step 1.

Once you have finished selecting your domain, move on to Step 2 by clicking on the Step 2 button.

Step 2: Service Selection

This step allows you to choose the services you desire for your domain.

3 Possible Services for your Domain

1. The domain is available
Choose between :

- Create the domain
- Do not create domain

2. The domain is registered with OVH
Choose between :

- No renewal available
- Renew the domain

3. The domain is transferable with consent of owner
Choose between :

- Transfer the domain
- Do not transfer domain

2 Possible Services for Hosting

1.The domain already has a host
Choose between:

- Do not renew service of host
- Renew service of this host
- Change to a host proposed by OVH

2. The domain does not have a host
Choose between:

- Do not host this domain
- Host this domain on a different GP, plan

After the selection of domain services, you can move on to Step 3 by clicking Continue

Step 3: Duration choices

According to the chosen host and your domain extension, you will be able to modify the duration of your service.

According to the type of service and your domain extension you may choose the duration of services.

- for a .com, .org, .net, you have the option of keeping the domain for up to 10 years!
- for a GP, only a 36 month renewal is available.
- for a plan, choose between 3 and 12 months.

After choosing the duration, you can move on to Step 4 by clicking on Continue

Step 4: Identification

This step asks you for your identification information. There are two ways of doing this step:

1.You already possess a NIC Handle
In this case, you only need to enter your NicHandle and password to be identified.
If you already have a NIC Handle, but do not remember your password, or the NIC handle itself, please follow the instructions for LostNicHandle or LostNicHandlePass

2.You do not have a NIC Handle
In this case, please follow the procedure to create a NicHandle. (see NicHandle manual)
Once that is finished, you can then move on to Step 5 and click on Continue

Step 5: Registration of the owner, contacts and DNS

For this step, you will be asked to supply the owner's personal information. By default this information carries onto your NIC Handle.
Next, create the NIC Handles corresponding to others contacts whom you desire to give access.
Finally, the DNS information is ours by default ( and
Click on Continue to proceed to the final step.

Step 6: Payment

Here your order is finished, and we supply you with a purchase order. Follow the instructions below on payment procedures.
We will then send an e-mail confirmation and a link that permits access to the purchase order.

Means of Payment

- Debit/Credit Card

Click on the credit card icons and you will be forwarded to our banking interface to finish the payment.

- Cheque

Please write your purchase order number on the back of the cheque and then mail it to the following address:

OVH Hosting LTD
5 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2

Attention: we do not accept foreign checks (only UK banks).

- Money Orders or International Business

You must go to the post office with the amount to be paid in cash (be careful for extra fees!).
Be sure to write the Order Number in the "correspondence" section and then send the money order to the following address:

OVH Hosting LTD
5 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2

- Administrative Money Order

Attention: We only accept bank/credit transfers from civil services (school, town hall, ...) !
You must contact us and give us your Purchase Order number.
The billing services will create the bill from your Purchase Order Number.
We will send this bill to you by mail, accompanied with a bank identification slip and a letter with procedure instructions to follow.
You must contact, by fax, 01-6394091 in order to verify and validate the bank/credit transfer payment process.
The rest of the procedure is the same as the other types of payments.


- The creation of a Bank Card Payment Account
Only the payment (not just creation of account) can start your domain or website hosting services.

- Validate the E-mail address for your NIC Handle e-mail
Be careful to verify your e-mail address of your NIC Handle.
Or, if you wish to change your contact information, go to Manager v3.