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Change Your Offer

Why switch?

Your site is a success and generates a lot of traffic? You do not have enough space to store all your files?
At OVH, you can easily move from one shared hosting package to another.

This change is free, you only pay the value of the new hosting (without losing what you have already paid).

It is advisable to make the switch late in the day. This will then update during the night and will be accessible on the new hosting the next morning. If you want to change your hosting, and you have a doubt about which hosting package to order, please contact support on 01-6390037 or email


To switch, you must:

  • Have a hosting package
  • Be the administrative contact (Admin Nic).

Important information - New system

  • You no longer have to worry about FTP data transfer. These files are automatically linked to your new hosting package, as are the anonymous (FTP2) and the audio (Real).
  • The change may take a few hours so that everything is operational on the new hosting.
  • The days remaining on your current hosting will be credited to your new hosting, in proportion to the rate differences between the offers.
  • The email addresses do not change, you do not have to worry about it.
  • The subdomains and multiple domains stay the same.

Therefore you have nothing to transfer, your site remains active after the changeover!


Order your new offer

Log into your Manager.

In the hosting section of your domain, click the "Change hosting service" at the bottom of the page:

Select your new hosting package in the dropdown menu, and the duration (available under offer), then validate:

Finally, a message informs you that the order was created. You can access it directly by clicking on the link and is also sent to your contact email address.

If your current hosting has not yet expired, the remaining days will be credited with extra time on your new offer.

Save FTP files

This is to recover the files on your site via FTP. To do this, log into your hosting, using your FTP codes with your favourite FTP software. We will use the free FileZilla? application.

If you can not log in, follow our FtpFileZilla guide.

If you have an FTP problem (lost IDs, errors) see FTPProblems.

Choose the folder where the files will be saved on your computer (local site):

The default target destination is the root of your primary hard disk (generally "C") if you do not mention any directory.

Select your files to be transferred to your hosting site (remote site):

By default, your site is in the directory "www", but it can use files in the root, like "cgi-bin" or "requests". When in doubt it is better to backup everything.

Copy the files from your hosting to your computer (local site):

Keep files retrieved on your computer. Do not lose this because they will be forwarded to your new hosting later (stage 4).

Save your SQL databases

There are several possible solutions for making a backup ("Dump") of your database:

  • In the Manager (recommended)
  • Using PhpMyAdmin?
  • Using PHP
  • Using SSH access

You can find explanations for each method in the BackupBaseMySQL guide.

Recreate your database

Whether you're switching on your own (with a dump), or you apply for a provider, it will create your own databases on your new hosting.

In the Manager, select your hosting package. Go to "Hosting" -> "Manage SQL" -> "New database". You must customise the name of the database by adding 3 to 6 characters in the title predefined. Recreate all your bases and if you use several.

For more information about creating databases, see the HowToCreateBase guide.

Then it will return your backup (dump) of the former database. For this we need to connect to PhpMyAdmin?, using the parameters received by email when creating the new database.

You can access the PhpMyAdmin? console through the Manager, under "SQL databases":

or directly by the web address for your hosting ( to supply 90Plan):

Once in phpMyAdmin, click the name of the database that appears in the left menu:

Then use the "Import" from the tabs at the horizontal menu. Selected via the file browser, the dump contains the information saved from your old database:

To import your database from PHP script or command line, see ImportBaseMySQL.

Redefine your sub-domains and multi-domains

If your hosting with subdomains and / or multi-domains, it will recreate them.

Before switching, you can check your configuration in your Manager, under "Sub-Domains" and "Multi-Domains". It will replicate these settings to create your sub-domains and multi-domains on your new hosting package.

To assist in the creation of your sub-domains and multi-domains, see the following: SubDomain and MultiDomain.