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Mail hosting

OVH offers Mxplan and Mxlarge to its customers, who already have a web hosting.
The Mxplan allows you to create pop accounts for good and for free, you only pay for the setup.
The Mxlarge allows to benefit from more and more space for your pop accounts.

All about Mxplan

Why to choose the MX plan ?

The MX plan allows you to attach your e-mail address to your domain. For example, your site is and you create your e-mail address such as


To order an MXplan, all you need is a domain name purchased through OVH or with another registrar.

No renewal

This service has no duration limit.

How to order

To order an MXplan, go to the Manager v3
Go to "Emails" -> "Order MX Plan".
Enter the domain you wish to associate with the MXplan.

How to install

In the manager, you can point the MX field (e-mail manager).
Go to the "Emails" and "Option" sections
Edit the following data fields: MX (pulldown menu)

In the pull-down menu, choose "anti spam/anti virus"
Click on the diskette to save the changes.
The modifications of the data take 24 hours.
After this delay period, you will be able to fully benefit from the MXplan services.

Please note, when subscribing to the MX plan, no POP accounts are added, but rather your POP account is substituted.
example :
If you have a 60gp plan, and order the 25MX plan, you receive only the 25 MX POP accounts instead of 30 (25 from the MX plan + 5 from 60gp).

How to point e-mails on my MX plan if my DNS are not at OVH

Modify the MX field of your DNS zone to point your e-mails to OVH.
Three configurations are possible:

For a filterless server
Create the following fields: IN MX 1

For a server with an anti-spam filter
Create the following fields: IN MX 1 IN MX 5

For a server with anti-spam and anti-virus filters
Create the following fields: IN MX 1 IN MX 5

All about Mxlarge

With Mxlarge, you benefit from a more important storage space for your mail accounts. That is very interesting as the space of your pop accounts is limited to 25MB, with Mxlarge you may increase their size up to 2GB.


To order MX large, you just need to log into Manager v3.
Go to "Emails" -> "Order Mx Large".