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Managing your mailing lists
Where can I manage my mailing lists?

To manage your mailing lists you need to log into the Manager.
And go to "Emails" section, then choose "Mailing list" icon in Email management.

How to create a mailing list?

Click the "Mailing list" icon in Email management section. Then choose "Create" a mailing list.

A following site will appear:

Mailing list - address to which authorised persons may send messages which are later distributed among all subscribers of a mailing list;
Moderator's email - here insert the email address of the person responsible for adding new subscribers;

Types of mailing lists:

Every type of mailing list has assigned certain options. You choose one that suits you best. You may also set your preferences concerning moderating messages and subscriptions.
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Moderating messages - If you choose this option the message first reach the moderator who decides whether the message is sent to subscribers.
Moderating subscriptions - After activating this option , the moderator will receive emails from people who would like to subscribe to the mailing list. And he/she decides if a person may join the list.

  • Appointing a moderator
You need to appoint a moderator for your mailing list - it's necessary if you activated moderating messages. If you haven't activated this option you might want to use it later. Remember to add a moderator to the list of subscribers so that he/she was able to control correct functioning of your mailing list.
To do it, click "Manage your moderators" and then "Create" , enter the email address of moderator and "Accept".

  • Appointing a subscriber
- you may add subscribers manually as you did with moderator in section;
- people may subscribe themselves to the list by sending an email to :

Individualise your mailing list
You may change most of the texts according to your preferences, just send an empty email to:

In reply you'll receive guidelines how to apply changes. These are texts which may be changed:
- bottom of the message
- FAQ page
- Help page
- additional information about mailing list
- special help for moderators (mod_help)
- message sent to rejected subscribers (mod_reject)
- moderators help with message to moderate (mod_request)
- message sent to subscriber after adding to the list (mod_sub)
- message sent to moderators to confirm (mod_sub_confirm)
- message sent about invalid email address (mod_timeout)
- message to unsubscribe sent to moderators (mod_unsub_confirm)