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Install a domain under Windows

This manual explains how to install a domain on a Windows server and it only concerns Basic and Pro Windows distributions, as the Start and Full versions are delivered ready to use for Web hosting.

A part of this manual is carried out in a graphic mode, via a TSE link. To know how to get connected to your server, consult AccessWindows manual.

Moreover, you must first set the necessary softwares up with the SetupWindows manual.

This manual shows you:

  • The configuration of Domain DNS
  • The configuration of Microsoft DNS Server,
  • The additon of a site in IIS,
  • The configuration of secondary DNS.

Domain pointing

The first step consists in pointing the domain to the DNS zone of your server. To do so, follow the ConfigDNSDomainDed manual.

Creation of the DNS Zone

The second step consists in configuring the dedicated server.

We are going to start by configuring the domain name in the DNS.

Click on Start > All programms > Administration tools > DNS

The Windows DNS Manager displays.

Right click on Direct research Zones.

In the menu, click on New DNS Zone.

New DNS Zone wizzard displays.

Click once on Next, check that the Main Zone is ticked then click again on Next.

Type in the Zone Name the domain name you want to add, without www., and click on Next.

Leave the parameters by default (create new file) and click on Next.

Choose do not authorize... and click again on Next.

The DNS Zone is now created.

You must then insert the fields (A, MX, ...)

What to know before starting

MX : MX: a MX Record, or Messaging Relay, specifies the Mail Server in charge of the emails distribution for a specific domain name.

A MX Register contains the following information:

- The Mail Server name in charge of emails for this domain name
- The priority functions for this Mail Server

A: an 'A' Register allows you to link a .com address to an IP Address (example: 213.186.33.X). You must provide at least 1 'A record' to be able to host your domain.

CNAME: a CNAME register, also called Alias Record, is a domain name extension that allows to create versions of this domain name that can point to any existing domain.

Add a field

We are going to take the example of an A field. The procedure is a little bit different for the other fields.

In DNS manager, you may now click on + before Zones of direct research.

The different records appear then on the right.

Right click on the zone that you are interested in and select New Host (A) in the menu (or the field type that you want to add).

The dialogue box displays.

Here, we are going to create an A field for the main domain. Leave the first field empty. If you wish to create a field for a sub-domain, indicate the sub-domain in that box.

You can not edit the second box.

In this IP field, you must enter here the IP of the server that will host the site. In our case, this is the server IP address. If you know it, enter it directly.

We are going to see how to quickly recover the IP under Windows.

Click onStart > Execute
Type cmd then valid by clicking OK.
A command prompt displays.
Type ipconfig then Enter.
Your IP then displays:

Add a host then on OK and finally End.

The zone appears. You can add all types of fields the same way. We are going to leave the DNS server to add the site on IIS.

Creation of the site in IIS

Start > All programms > Internet Services Manager > DNS.

The interface is very closed to the previous one. Click on + before your server name then right click on Web sites .

In the menu, Select then New puis Web Site.

The Web Site creation wizard displays.

Click on Next.

Indicate a description for the site, for example 'Personnel site' or 'Extranet' then click on Next.

You get then the following dialog box:

In the first field, choose the IP choose the IP on which the domain must be hosted. Most of the time, your server has only 1 ip.

In the second box,leave the port by default (80). You may change this value, but in that case, your visitors will have to specify the port in their browser...

In the third field, indicate the domain name host of this web site. Then click on Next.

IIS requests then to specify the directory that contains files, which will be reachable from this site. Click on browse and select the root file of the site. You can also create a new folder with Create a folder file. Valid with OK.

Click on Next.

IIS is asking you now to specify the operations you want to authorize: reading, writing, scripts execution, binaries execution, ...

Thick the rights that you allow and click on Next then End.

The site is now added. You may log off.

Configuration of

The last step consists in configuring the DNS Zone of server. To do so, follow the InstallSecondaryDNS guide.

The modifications appear immediately in Windows, but the propagation of DNS on Internet takes about 24/48 h.