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Introduction au Sql Privé

You will find below the manuals for the use of SQL Private offer.

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What is the Sql Private Offer ?
Sql private service has been designed for customers with specific needs or important for their databases.

With private SQL, you have your own SQL server, while enjoying the tranquility of a shared hosting managed by OVH.

The private SQL interface in brand management:

Advantages of Private SQL

  • Unlimited size databases (in the limit of the available space on the server.

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections

  • Choosing the SQL and can change at any time

  • MySQL server configuration adaptable to your needs

  • Ability to create special accounts that can access multiple databases

Enjoy unlimited!

With your Private Sql server, you have reserved for your use only resources, not shared as is the case on shared server resources.

Therefore, whatever you do, you do not risk géner other users. The size of the database is not limited. You can choose the best compromise between data volume and performance of your SQL Server.

Set no limit and safely

You can edit the my.cnf file from your server to adapt the configuration to your needs. If an error that would cause the server to crash, just delete the file and restart the server that will leave the default configuration.

Choose your version of SQL

You can choose the version of SQL server you need when ordering from the list of available versions.
If you want to change later, you can do so with a single click in your manager , and change version of SQL with ease, as many times as necessary. manager, et changer de version SQL en toute simplicité, autant de fois que nécessaire.

Back up your data automatically

From your manager, you can automate backups of your database in a few clicks! You can also easily restore them in case of problems, and so do your updates peace of mind.

To do this, simply activate the service directly from your manager

Import your databases with ease

Import a database from any other MySQL server!
The manager allows you to duplicate any basis of a shared hosting to a dedicated server or even another Private SQL server and import it into your SQL Private.

Principle of operation

Your Private SQL has its own resources (processors, memory live ...), awarded by the main system. Thus, there is no interference between users.

Requires: shared hosting.

Your nearest SQL Private

Your SQL server you need and want to know everything that happens on your server 24h/24.Vous can configure alerts on how your SQL and receive SMS.

To do this, you simply activate the service directly from your manager by clicking here cliquant ici