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How to create a free web redirection?

This function allows you to redirect your domain to existing website. If you have, for example, a website in free hosting service with very long name, you may buy a domain and redirect it to the that website. It will allow your visitors inserting in the browser the name of your domain instead of long name of your hosting.

Requirements: To be able to use our ORT (OVH Redirection Technology), the domain must have OVH's DNS ( &

In order to create a redirection, log into Manager v3.

Then click the name of the domain in the menu on the left.
Choose "Domain & DNS" , and "Web redirection" and then "Create".

The following site will be visible:

- "redirection for" field, please leave it empty;
- "to" - insert detailed address where you want to redirect your domain;
- "Type" - choose if it's visible or invisible ORT.

Visible/Invisible ORT

  • How does invisible ORT work?

  • How does visible ORT work?

ATTENTION: After removing redirection, you need to recreate A field.