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Frequently Asked Questions

I transferred my files with a FTP software, but nothing displays

On each hosting, you have 2 directories created:

- cgi-bin
- www

You have to transfer all files to www directory in order them to be seen on the Internet (Warning: index.html file is placed by default on this directory, do not forget to delete it). In cgi-bin directory, you can transfer all CGI scripts. The server will force the execution of all files located in this directory (and its sub-directories), and will then not allow the display of these files sources.

For example, if it is an html page, it will not be able to execute it and will display the error). It is also possible to place your CGI scripts in your web space (in www directory), on condition that they have ".php" extension for PHP scripts, or ".cgi" for the other CGI (Be careful with the execution permission of files). You can create other directories next to www and cgi-bin to store your data base for example. As these directories are not visible on the Internet, you protect them efficiently.

I succeed to get connected to ftp by address but not by ftp.domainname. Why?

The domain registration or the transfer to our DNS is in progress. It will take about 2/3 days after the registration and the DNS addresses change in order your site to start to work correctly.

My ftp codes aren't working!

Make sure that you correctly recopied the password. The best is to copy/paste (Ctrl-C Ctrl-V with Windows). Be careful with the confusion between l (L) and 1 (one), as well as O (the letter) and 0 (the figure). You can test the codes here.

If it is still not working, you can change your FTP password by following this guide: LostFTPPass

What is the cgi-bin directory used for?

The cgi-bin directory is not directly readable from web server. This is a directory in parallel to www. Thus the following securities exist:

- Files saved in the cgi-bin directory can not be read. They can only be executed. You can not for example insert any gif or jpeg pictures. Their reading will cause an error.

- As no file can be read in cgi-bin, you can place your data base files that you want to protect in text for example

- The cgi scripts execution from cgi-bin is done via an alias of your site. You cannot execute the scripts otherwise than with your domain.

What space do I have on my site left?

We are going to put in place a file, which will know the space you use. It is available by typing the following address:

If it's not working, you can download see the file here . Then, you save it in your www directory (do not forget to change rights in 755 or 705). This is not valid with your anonymous ftp space.

You can also see the space you use directly on the Manager:

- Log into your Manager V3,
- Then, click on your domain name

When I put my files on my account, they have a 0 size. Why?

The limit size of your web space is reached. To check it, see the question "What space do you have on my site left?".

If you need additional space, you can change into high capacity for free (10 times more disk space) on your manager, otherwise you will have to upgrade your offer.

I can not send my files to the ftp server?

Get connected in passive mode (configuration mode of FTP server. It is the FTP server itself that specifies the connection port) in your ftp client, for FileZilla? for example, go to Edition -> Settings -> Connection -> Firewall setting -> Passive mode.

Is it possible to access to certain parts of my web space via FTP (multi-FTP)?

This function is currently available on PLAN offers only. For information on creating another FTP account, see MultiFTP. If you don't have a Plan offer, you must change into this kind of offer to benefit from it.

How do the permissions related to files under UNIX work?

Under UNIX, each file has rights that manage all possibilities to read, modify, execute the file.