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Is my domain properly configured for email services?

In this manual several important points of domain configuration for email services are discussed.

1.Verify if the domain is accessible

Use the manual DomainInaccessible

2. Verify the parameters of the domain

Use DIG command which will allow you to get more information about the domain. Here is the link to the script which uses this command:

An example for .com domain:

For "Type", choose MX.


;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN MX 1 86400 IN MX 5


;; ADDITIONAL SECTION: 139079 IN A 139079 IN A

These are DNS of your domain:
Your domain needs to have DNS if it's hosted.

It also needs to have MX servers through which emails pass:

If your domain is hosted, the MX servers need to have the following configuration:
  • : without protection,
  • and : anti-spam simple,
  • and : anti-spam + antivirus,
  • : allows redirection of your emails to another email address (doesn't allow managing pop accounts of the domain).

3. I'd like to change MX servers

Log into Manager v3.
Choose "Domains and DNS" and then "DNS zone". You'll like see one of the fields: MX 1 "ORT Redirect". MX 1 "without protection". MX 1 "anti-spam simple". MX 1 "anti-spam/anti-virus".

If it's not the case and you cannot use your email services. It may be changed in Manager v3, section "Emails" - "MX Servers".
The modification may take up to 24hours.
Verify also the following lines if you'd like to use these email applications. CNAME CNAME CNAME

4. I cannot find an error in the previous stages.

  • if everything is correct and you'd like to use OVH Webmail AllWebMail