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Sql database size

With OVH web hosting, your database size is unlimited. This means that you can store as much information as you want.

Before we can guarantee such a great service, we have set up two installations:
- for databases that are within the size limits
- for databases that exceed the size limits

This was set up like this because some databases are very large and take up too much resources and limit other users' databases.

If your sql database exceeds 80% of the size limits, you will receive an e-mail concerning this information.
If your sql database exceeds the recommended size, it will be placed on the sql.bdb server (used instead of sql1 or sql2 or...). sql.bdb (big database) is a very powerful system that is preconfigured specifically for supporting large databases.

If you overload the sql server (depending on the the installation type ie. sql1 or sql2 or sql.bdb), you will receive the okillerd alert and your database may be shut down. The probability of shutting down a database is proportional to the size that the database increases. In other words, the more volume your database takes up the harder it is to manage, and thus it overloads our systems. Several of these large and complicated databases can even shut down a server.

In general, the larger the database, the more problems it poses for executing requests. You should then be really careful in managing your sql database and make sure that it does not exceed 80% of the recommended size.

Here are some tips for optimizing your database usage: OptimizeYourBase