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FTP Connection to SQL Private


In this guide, we will see how to access the private FTP SQL to retrieve backups, or else change the configuration of private SQL with my.cnf

Return to Private Sql

Connexion via net2ftp


To begin, I invite you to visit the following link:

So you get on the next page:

Then you must take the information received in the mail when you install the SQL Private.

Your codes FTP :
server : XXXXX.sqlprive
login : sqlprive-XXXX
password : XXXXXXX^

You fill in the login page as follows:

If you leave empty directory departure, you get to the root of the FTP space.

Editing my.cnf

My.cnf file that is used to set the parameters of your private SQL. Once connected to the FTP, you will have a my.cnf online, and you'll be able to edit this file and change:

So you click Editor and you get on the next page:

After making changes, you must click on the button and restart the mysql server by going to the Accommodation section manager Sql and Private,

So you click Administration

Then you click edit and you select "Restart the MySQL server and Validate

Connection via FTP client


You must enter ftp host and then login email that is received in the form sqlprive-XXXX and password.

So you get the same content: