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What type of filtering to choose?
You may configure system to detect SPAM messages and those infected by viruses. thanks to this function those emails will be marked:
  • in the subject of the message there will be SPAM ALERT or VIRUS ALERT or both.
  • you may also configure the rules so that those messages were deleted or sent to another email account

How to activate a filter on the server?

Log into Manager.
And then choose "Emails" , and then "Antispam & Antivirus"
Type of protection:
  • simple (Antispam)
  • full (Antispam & Antivirus)

Managing filters
Log into Manager. Go to "Emails" section, then choose "POP accounts" ,
"Filters" and "Create" .

To add rules, you need to:
  • provide the name
  • provide the rule

If you want to add more filters, you need:
  • indicate an action to do
  • indicate where to send emails

Attention: In case of Spam or virus you cannot send email back to sender.

Possible configurations: