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Make a Back Up With Sql Private


In this guide we will see how to perform a backup of your current database with SQL private offer. This is a feature that allows you to backup your database whenever you want to then also restore at any time. It will be available directly on the FTP associated with private SQL in / dump, or you can reuse it directly with the option restoration.

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To perform a backup, you must go to the manager in the Hosting_ And SQL Private Administration and finally _backups_. So you get on the next page:

On this page:

  • Simply select the name of the database to back up (1)
  • You can post a comment (2)
  • Compressed into Zip files, if you uncheck it, the backup will be to dump format (3)

Recuperation Backup

In this section, we will see how will I get the backup from FTP

FTP Connection

To connect to FTP, I invite you to follow the guide ConnexionFtpSqlPrivate


Once logged in, you go to the directory / dump and you go down the tree. First you have the book of the year, then the month, day and hour to finish. There appears the. Dump or. Zip