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Welcome to the OVH support page

Getting Started

: IndexScenario :: This page presents OVH's different offers. No matter what you need, OVH has an offer that will suit your needs.
: OvhCodes :: How to use the codes you've received by email


: ContactSupport :: How to contact our support?
: NicHandle :: All you need to know about the NIC-handle (User name / client ID).
: LostFound :: Did you forget your password? or your NIChandle?
: SpamEmail ::Problems with spam
: LoyaltyAccount ::Operation of Loyalty Account

Orders and Procedures

: OrderaService :: How to order a service from us.
: OfferChange:: How can I change my shared hosting offer?
: AllAboutPayments :: Methods of payments
: TradeTransfer :: Modifications and transfer orders.
: Intervention :: Paid interventions done by OVH technicians
: TradeTransmission :: Domain changes: procedures and prices.
: TransmissionFRDomain :: Procedure of a .fr domain transmission.


: ContactServicesManager :: Managing contacts in Manager v3
: DomainServicesManager :: Managing your domain in Manager v3
: HostingServicesManager :: Managing website hosting services in Manager v3
: DedicatedServicesManager :: Managing your dedicated server in Manager v3
: EmailManager :: Everything you need to know about your OVH e-mail
: ManageManager :: How to administer your services in OVH Manager?
: ManagerStreaming :: How to configure streaming in the manager?
: Soapi :: How to use SoAPI?


: NewDNSServer :: New DNS servers since February 2007
: GeneralPublicDomain:: How does it work? What is the point a having a domain? and hosted in OVH?
: DomainTransfer :: Questions concerning the transfer or renewal of a .com, .net, .org
: QuickFix :: Updates and Current Problems
: DomainInaccessible :: Problems with a domain
: DomainTransferGtlds :: The registration, transfer and renewal of .com, .net, .org.
: IncomingTransferUK :: How to transfer a .uk domain to OVH?
: DomainTransferComNet :: Procedure to transfer your .com/.net domain to OVH.
: IncomingDomainTransferOrg :: Procedure to transfer your .org domain to OVH.
: RelaunchIncomingTransferGtlds :: Procedure to relaunch your transfer request for your .com - .net - .org - .biz - .info domain to OVH.
: OutgoingDomainTransferOrg :: Procedure to transfer your .org domain name to another Registrar.
: CnameField :: How to create a Cname Field?

Free Services that OVH Offers

: DnsandHost :: Manage hosts, dynhost compatible with "DynDNS"
: FreeRedirection :: Everything about redirecting a domain name.
: OVHModules :: All about modules that you may install on your hosting
: Geolocalization :: All about geolocalization and geographic IP
: GeolocalizationHosting :: All about geolocalization for hosting
: CreatingHost :: How to configure Hosts?

E-mail Services

: SmtpPop3Imap :: The definitions of the services
: MxPlan :: All the e-mail services (without web hosting)
: AllEmailOVH :: Everything you need to know to use your e-mail at full capacity.
: AllWebMail :: How to use OVH webmail.
: EmailProblems :: Everything about the problems you may encounter.
: EmailConfiguration :: Configure a pop3/imap client
: EmailQuota :: Everything about your e-mail quota.
: YourEmailServer :: How do I put the DNS on the proper mail server?
: EmailConfigVerification :: Is my domain's e-mail correctly configured and ready to use?
: ConfigureCatchAll :: How to configure Catch-all?
: MailingList :: How to manage your mailing list?

Web Hosting


: IntroHosting :: Introduction to web hosting services
: Subdomain :: How to create/use a sub-domain?
: BackUp :: All the backups on the Plans and GP.
: MyWebsiteOnline :: How to get your website online?
: MessageOkillerd :: Everything about OKillerd
: MultiDomain :: Multiple domains on one hosting package
: PointingToDNS :: How to direct your domain to a plan/gp?
: SshTelnet :: How to get access to SSH?
: CronHost :: How to automatically execute scripts on the web hosting service (on crond)?
: SecurityCapacity :: How to change from High Capacity option to High Security option?
: MainDomainChange :: Change of the main domain in your hosting service.
: MoreBandwidth :: How to order more traffic for a shared hosting?
: SaveSite :: Do you carry out backup of my website?


: Htaccess :: Everything about the .htaccess file.
: HtaccessProtection :: How to protect directory access with authentication?
: AllAboutPhpMyAdmin :: Everything about phpMyAdmin.
: ModifyPhpMyAdmin :: phpMyAdmin access modifications.
: InternalServerError :: Errors arising from script executions.
: SiteSecurity :: How do I protect my site from hackers?
: WebRequests :: All about web requests.
: SslOnHosting :: SSL access to web hosting
: HowToInstallModules :: All about module installation.
: OverQuotaWeb :: What is a web request?


: PhpInOvh :: Some PHP shortcuts.
: ConfigPhp :: Modification of some variables in php.ini
: Php5InOvh :: Few Php tips

Transferring Files (FTP)

: UsingFtp :: How to use FTP?
: AllAboutFTP :: Everything on how FTP works with OVH. Using the service and possible problems.
: UsingSFtp :: How to transfer files securely through OVH.
: FtpFileZilla :: How to use Ftp FileZilla?
: TransferFtp :: How to transfer files via FTP?
: Downloadfiles :: How to download files?
: AnonymousFTP :: All about Anonymous FTP for Plan line
: MultiFTP :: All about multi-FTP for Plan line
: FTPproblems :: Frequently Asked Questions about FTP problems

Database My SQL

: WhatIsDatabase :: What is a database?
: BaseMySQL :: All the services included in MySQL
: CantConnectToLocalMySQL :: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'
: DatabaseSize :: Explanations about the SQL database size
: HowToCreateBase :: How to create a database via the Manager?
: SaveBaseMySql :: Saving MySQL database
: BackupBaseMySql :: How to make a backup of a database?
: OptimizeYourBase :: How to optimise your base?
: ChangeMySql5 :: Change form MySql 4 to MySql 5
: BaseMySQL :: Using MySQL databases
: HowToCentralizePhpMyAdmin :: How to centralise the PhpMyAdmin? access on an old OVH installation
: ImportBase :: How to import a database?
: ImportExportBase :: How to import and export a MySQL database?
: UseFullCaseMySQL :: Interface with MySQL
: CreateModifyDeleteTable :: How to create, modify and delete a table in a database?

Private SQL
: GuideSqlPrivate :: All About Private Sql
: UtilisationRapideSqlPrivate : Create and use the faster your SQL Private server
: ConnexionFtpSqlPrivate : Connect to FTP the Sql Private.
: BackUpSqlPrivate : Backup databases Sql Private.
: RestaurationSqlPrivate : Perform a restore of a database on SQL Private.
: ImportationSqlPrivate : Importing a database on SQL Private with a sql file or dump..
: DuplicationSqlPrivate : Duplicating a database shared OVH Sql Private
:MyCnfSqlPrivate : Insights my.cnf your Sql Private

Streaming video and audio

: UsingRealAudio :: How to apply Real Audio to the site.

: BackupsOnPlanWeb :: Backups of web contents


: UrchinStatistics :: Information concerning Urchin statistics
: WebLogs :: All statistics for web hosting

Dedicated Servers

Manuals concerning all distributions


: BandwidthServer :: How to check the bandwidth of my server?
: ServerMonitoring :: How to be notified of alerts on my server?
: LaunchServices :: How to properly launch the services: ssh, telnet etc.?
: RebootMyServer :: How do I reboot my server?
: PersonalisedReverse :: How to personalize the reverse IP of your dedicated server?
: CronHost :: Automatic Tasks. How to execute automatic scripts on the dedicated server (on crond).
: RealTimeMonitoring:: All about RTM.
: NetworkScanning:: Scanning of network.
: ManageDomainOnDedicated :: Managing a domain on a dedicated server.
: FireWall :: What is it?
: SmartMonTool :: How to use it?
: IpAlias :: Configuration of an additional IP address.
: QmailAdmin :: Managing your email on a dedicated server
: IpFailover :: Use of IP Failover
: ConfigureFiltersOnServer :: What type of filtering to choose?
: InstallWebsiteOnDedicated :: How to install a domain on the dedicated server?
: SubDomainInstallOnDedicated :: How to install a sub-domain on the dedicated server?
: RecompileSofts :: How to recompile software on the dedicated server?
: ServiceStartup :: Start-up of application with server set up.
: InstallServerIrcd :: How to setup an IRCd.
: DedicatedCron :: Automated tasks. How to automatically run a script on a dedicated server (in crond)?
: TimeServer :: How to update the time of my dedicated server?
: DedicatedUsefulInfo :: You just have ordered a dedicated server? Here is some useful information.
: xenserver :: Adding a Virtual Machine in XenServer? distribution?

Rescue Mode

: RescueMode :: Starting server in Rescue mode.


: BridgeClient :: IP Failover and RIPE configuration for Virtualisation
: IpFailover :: Use of IP Failover
: IpAlias :: Configuration of an additional IP address.


: SshOnDedicated :: How to connect to the server with SSH?
: InstallOvhKey :: Installation of SSH key.
: ShellBash :: A couple of commands for managing the server with Shell Bash.
: DedicatedServerPassword :: How to modify passwords on a dedicated server?
: UsingPutty :: Putty user guide.

Linux Kernel

: IntroKernel :: Presentation of the kernel. Different methods of using kernels on OVH servers.
: KernelNetboot:: How to start server from the OVH kernel form the network?
: KernelInstall :: How to install kernel and boot your server from the hard disk?
: KernelMethods :: Different methods of use on an OVH server


: BasicAdministration ::Basic information concerning the server administration.
: AdvancedAdministration :: Advanced administration of the dedicated server.
: BasicToolsManual :: Description of the basic tools

Windows 2003 Dedicated

WinpeRescuePage :: Even if you do not have access to a TSE server, this mode allows you to WinPE Rescue work on your machine.
TSE role installed with Microsoft CALs (Client Access Licenses)

Administration Infra OVH

Virtual Rack

: VrackLoadBalancingACESimple :: Simple Loadbalancing Cisco ACE configuration
: Vrack :: What is a Vrack and its configuration
: Ripe VRack :: Using a RIPE IP block in a Virtual Rack
: VRack Esxi :: Using a ESXi server in a Virtual Rack
: VRackAceInfo :: Basic status information and statistics
: VRackAceSnmpInfo :: Obtaining basic information via SNMP from the Cisco ACE box
: VrackLoadBalancingACESimpleSticky :: Simple Loadbalancing with stickiness

Cisco ASA Firewall


: HackedMachine :: When the server has been hacked?
: SemiHackedMachine :: A hacked server without serious consequences.
: ReleasePatch :: How to install patches and releases?
: SMART :: Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.
: VirusOnMachine :: Infected server.
: RecoverDatasBackup :: How to recover data from a backup?
: ReinstallServer :: If you need to reset everything up from the beginning...

: ApachePhpMySqlInstallation :: Installation of Apache, Php, MySql? on Linux


: AccessWindows :: Access to your Windows server via TSE.
: InstallSiteWindows :: Install a domain on Basic or Pro Windows.

Easy Streaming

: StreamingGeneralities :: Service & offers description, how to choose...?
: StreamingShoutcastInstallation :: How to set-up your streaming offer from your manager?

Redhat 7.2 - Release 1 OVH

Webmin & OVHm

: WebminUserGuide :: How to start and understand Webmin...
: OvhmUserGuide :: Introduction, explanations and FAQ about the OVHm Manager.
: ServerSettingWebmin :: Webmin Server Setting
: UsersGroupsWebmin :: Create new user, quota disk...
: WebminOther :: Webmin other users
: OvhmModuleInstallation :: How to install or re-install Ovhm?
: OvhmSubDomainAdd :: How to install a sub-domain on your dedicated server?


: ConfigDNSDomainDed :: Configure a domain's DNS designated to be on a dedicated server.
: InstallSecondaryDNS :: How to add my domain onto an OVH secondary DNS server: ?


: SqWebMailPresentation :: How to receive and read your emails from the webmail of your server?
: InstallSqWebmail :: How to install SqWebMail?
: QmailQueueFull :: How to diagnose that the / partition is full due to Qmail queue and how to solve the problem?


: ApacheIntroduction :: How to begin with Apache
: ApacheServer :: How to install Apache Server
: WebminApacheServer :: How to create a new virtual server


: ManualBindServer :: Introduction of Bind Server
: WebminBindServer :: Introduction of Webmin Bind Server

Extranet Group Work


:OvpnGeneral :: Information about distribution


:UbuntuDeskGeneralities :: Presentation of Ubuntu Desktop Distribution.